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So today I’ve done my usual thing of a brick session at the gym. A 7k cross country cycle followed by a disappointing 1k run as I had to stop because of my knee.  I did the same last week but pushed the run to a 3k even though my knee was playing up from about 2k. As soon as I’d finished I knew I shouldn’t have as my knee hurt and although it eases off pretty quickly, it does mean I can’t really attempt to run again for a few days while it settles. I’ve been getting this since around August. Not sure why but it just appeared one training session at about 1k and has pretty much been there every training session since.  Sometimes it occurs within the first km, sometimes I can make it to 2k before it appears, but it’s not going away. After doing the usual thing of self diagnosing with the help of google (yeah, yeah I know it’s not a personal doctor) the chances are it’s an IT band issue. I figure this means putting some stretches in to try and help, plus I think picking CX worx back up might be of benefit as I had dropped that in the summer… maybe that was helping my core stability and could be a contributing factor.  Who knows?

So as I have to keep restricting my runs to short ones (which is pretty damn frustrating as the whole point is I want to be able to run further) I’m debating trying barefoot running. Not strictly barefoot as I’m not that hardcore and my local pathways aren’t that kind!  But minimalist footwear style to encourage forefoot striking as I’m certainly a heelstriker in trainers. I spend as much of the day barefoot as I can anyway so it seems to make sense that I may get on better with that style of running. Research also suggests it puts less strain on the knees which would definitely be a good thing.  Maybe it will help with the IT issue also, but as you have to start with much shorter runs while different muscles adapt to the new style, it figures I may as well try while I’m limited in what I can do anyway. Getting some cheap footwear and giving it a go has to be worth a shot. It’s cheaper than paying to see a sports injury specialist anyway, something I’m desperately trying to avoid!