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Just a short post today. Been deliberating whether to blog this all day as it’s a scary post to put ‘out there’ for all to see. It’s one thing to whack pics on facebook or a restricted site for a few hundred ‘friends’ to see, but to post bikini pics with all your fat on display that anyone can see is pretty damn hard.  Half the point of blogging though is to prove that anyone can do this thing if I can.  We all get to see fake pictures of woman miraculously losing tons of weight to have a super glamourous model figure at the end. We either know they’re fake – or worse – we fall for it, so it seems to make sense to me that the realistic facts are shown.  These days people often think they can’t do it, or wonderous diet pills, liposuction and other magic fixes are the answer.  The truth is they’re often excuses to avoid putting the real effort in, but adjusting your diet plus exercising is all that’s needed to bring results.  Any quick fix will never change the way you think and view food/exercise and in my opinion the only way you’ll achieve lasting results is to address both of those.  I’ll never have the body of a model, or anything like it, but I think I look better than I did!  Pic below shows October 2008 on the left, and October 2012 on the right. Minus 5 stone 5lb.  Still a work in progress obviously, but it seemed a good time to make a comparison. PS – Don’t be too harsh, I have had 5 kids 😉