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Thought I’d write a bit of a catch up post seeing as I’ve not blogged for a while. Not a lot has happened, mainly because triathlon season is done for the year, but I have booked my first event for 2013. I’m moving up to the sprint distance, so some serious training will need to be done! That’s about the only real news, but there are always a few thoughts worth writing down, so I thought I’d blog those. Mainly the ones that occur because of the huge change in lifestyle. I never cease to be amazed by the way my brain interprets things now, to the way it got conditioned to think for so many years.

I recently went on holiday to Egypt for a couple of weeks, and I spent a lot of time thinking about body image and suchlike. Well it’s hard not to when you spend all day around a pool and have access to food all day long because it’s all inclusive! I think there were two main things I focused on.

1) My body image, how my body looks compared to others, and indeed how others perceive me.

I came to the conclusion here that these days I pretty much blend in. Previously I probably would have looked obviously fatter than a lot of people which made me self conscious. Sure I still have less than desirable wobbly bits, but actually so did pretty much ALL of the women round the pool in one way or another!! Unless they were about 16-20 years old anyway, and even then there were still barely any that didn’t have less than desirable parts. This sounds like I spent the entire time being critical of other women, which is far from the truth. It was a deliberate exercise to put things into perspective in my own head and it made me realise women should quit worrying. The fact is women often see perfect images of other women and feel they should compare to that, but the truth is that in the real world it’s just not like that. Sure there may be some near perfect women out there, but generally speaking they’re very young women, who’ve never had kids and one day even they’re going to get old, wrinkly and saggy 😛 20 year olds will be 40 one day, and who knows which ones will take care of themselves?! All you can do is try to be the best you can be for yourself. Trying to get the body of a 20 year old is unachievable, unless you’re 20!!  Realistically I look no worse than a lot of women my age, and actually far better than some who aren’t bothering to look after themselves, including some younger than me! I’ve still got improvements to make to myself, but only realistic ones 🙂

2) Just because there’s all inclusive food doesn’t mean you have to eat it all.

And there are so many people that do! I’m not sure where the mentality comes from but it seems that because there’s unlimited food, you have to consume as much as you possibly can, to get the value out of it. This applies to alcohol as well, and it’s a very bizarre thing when you think about it. Indeed I’d have been guilty of eating way too much food in the past, but this time my head was stuck in a different thought process. One that seems to make more sense to me now, and that is that just because food/alcohol is there, you don’t ‘need’ to eat/drink it. Sure there’s a load of choice, but just because there is, you should still only be eating what your body NEEDS, not what it wants. Alcohol was no issue to me, I literally had 2 cocktails in 2 weeks because I’m just not bothered (except for one night when I went out of the complex to a nightclub!!) Food was slightly harder though. Indeed some days were harder than othes, specially when your parents and kids are sat there tucking into a huge ice cream cone, but mostly I managed to resist. One comment I remember clearly when I was being asked (yet again) why I wasn’t having an ice cream was the classic “I’m on holiday” line. My argument was that if I ate everything I wanted on holiday I’d spend 2 weeks trying to get the weight off again, so what was the point! I have to confess to eating ice cream a couple of times though… they were damn good!!


So there you go, there’s a few of my recent thoughts summed up. Another point worthy of note is that having worn a rather skimpy outfit out last night, I actually got complimented on my legs. Pretty bizarre as I’ve never been told that in my life, and I was concerned about the outfit showing too much leg as I think they’re far from good legs! I’m happy with that though, because they can’t have looked that bad after all 🙂 🙂