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Well the day is finally here. In just a few hours time I’ll be attempting my first triathlon. It’s all I can think about. What I need to do when I get there, setting up transition, and how many things I could possibly do wrong. Including the possibility of falling over. Although I’ve known today was coming for months now I still can’t help but feel so unprepared. I keep telling myself it doesn’t matter how badly I complete this, as long as I complete it that’s all that matters, but in reality I’m just scared of looking an idiot!! I need to put that out of my head though. Even if I finish last and crawl across the finish line I’ve done more than I could have done 9 months ago. So can I go from couch potato to triathlete in 9 months?? Well… In 5 hours time I shall know…


How much kit do I need?