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I don’t often blog about weight loss (in fact, have I ever?) and tend to stick to the training stuff I’m doing. Probably because any weight loss now is pretty slow going. Indeed sometimes so slow I feel I’m getting nowhere, but in some ways that’s not a bad thing. I say this because it doesn’t really bother me to any great degree, and by that I mean the way I eat is a lifestyle choice. Sure it gets frustrating to not lose any weight for a while, but it doesn’t feel like I’m on a ‘diet’, so it doesn’t matter so much if I don’t lose weight every week. I think that’s the thing with ‘diets’. If you don’t see progress you give up, but for me now it’s not like that. Not saying I eat perfectly all the time. In actual fact last weekend was a really bad weekend in what I chose to eat (I blame socialising – ahhhh here come the excuses ;)) But it’s not hard to pull it back around again.

But this morning was one of those mornings that I stopped to actually assess things a little more. I put a pair of trousers on that are my favourite ones. I got them late last year and wore them though winter, but stopped wearing them around March time as they’d gotten a bit loose. Then the weather warmed up a bit and they’ve just remained in the drawer for a few months. I couldn’t throw them out a couple of months back when I was having a clear out, so they stayed there, thinking they’d probably be fine to wear now and again. So I thought I’d wear them today. Well it turns out I really can’t wear them… I can take them off without undoing them for a start! When I thought back I realised I’ve lost well over 1 1/2 stone since I bought them a year ago. Not bad when all I’m really doing is choosing better food options for the majority of the time! Total weight lost in the last 17 months now stands at 3st 11lb. Total lost since my biggest late 2008 – 5st 2lb.

And here’s a pic of the afore mentioned trousers 😉