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Well after blogging the other day, it was all written down that I was slacking off of running, so I had no choice other than to drag my butt out of the door and do something (that was the intention from blogging) so I hit the treadmill. I managed a 2k run, but it seemed ridiculously hard. Well I guess that teaches me a lesson for slacking off, but I also came to the conclusion that the bra I’d specifically bought for triathlon stuff was restricting my breathing. I’ve used it a few other times, including for the two aquathons, but hadn’t really noticed it then. I switched bra and hit the treadmill again next day (yesterday), and found it was nowhere near as restrictive (managed a 2.5k and although it was still tough, the breathing was easier) so I guess I’m switching bra plan for a start!

In other news, I also hit the lake for an open water swim last night. They don’t usually run a swim session on a Friday, but as the weather was good and the season is drawing to a close they laid on an extra session. It seemed too good an opportunity to pass up as it was going to be the last time I had a chance to attempt a long swim with the nights getting shorter now. I got there as close as I could to the start of the session and was wetsuited up ready to go just before 4:15pm. I kicked off and got my daughter to keep check of my laps/times and just did 3 laps straight without stopping. I usually check my watch at each lap, but didn’t until after 3 laps which is 2.4k. I’d managed that in almost an hour dead, which was pretty good going as although most laps are around 20 mins, I do tend to drop a minute or two the more I do. I was happy with that, and went for another 2 laps, before pausing at the start of lap 6 for an energy gel and a couple of mouthfuls of drink. I stopped for energy gels again at the start of laps 7 and 8 (20 mins per lap seemed to fit with what the packets said) but halfway round lap 8 I started to get uncomfortable and was concerned I may bring some back up, but got around the lap OK and decided to still get another energy gel for lap 9. I managed to get around the lap ok, but the feeling was getting worse (like a heartburn feeling and like I was going to bring the gel back up) so decided to not take any fuel at all on for the last lap. I was sure I could get around it without, just because it was my last lap, and I knew I couldn’t put anything else in my system. Sure enough the feeling got worse and the last lap was a real struggle. I had to stop probably half a dozen times or more as the pain was so bad and I brought stuff up a few times, but I still finished the lap and headed in for the shoreline. The last lap had seemed to take a long time, but according to the lap times it wasn’t any slower, and was similar to a lot of the others. I got out of the water as it was beginning to get dark, and it was drizzling with rain. Apparently it had been raining for about 40 minutes, but it had taken me about 15 minutes to notice, haha! It took me a while to get my balance back, but I’d managed what I’d wanted to. A full 10 laps. A massive 8k (4.97 mile) swim. The equivalent of 320 lengths of a standard pool, and it had taken me 3hrs 38mins. I’m pretty impressed with that, seeing as it’s my first open water season, and my longest swim up until about 3 or 4 months ago was 2-2.5k! Someone is a little less impressed with me though, and has sent me to the naughty corner for overtraining on my strongest discipline too close to my triathlon. My defence is that I’ve learnt things from last night (particularly the nutrition side as I need to deal with the sickness I’m getting – possibly upper GI distress?) but I don’t think my defence is a strong one!

Although I was pretty broken still this morning, mainly upper body tiredness, I still hit the treadmill, (on an empty stomach) and managed a 3k run. I managed to really get a grip of the breathing today, and it seemed somewhat easier than the last couple of days. Surprising really after what I did last night. My legs were pretty tired though (could have been worse, I did manage to fall UP some steps on the way to the gym this morning :P) I thought I ought to attempt some cycling too, but failed pretty dismally on the cross country setting as I was just tired. I ended up spinning with fairly low resistance, but it still wasn’t a bad effort. I think I might still be in the naughty corner for now though 😉